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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 / Written by  Carlos Mota / Be the first to comment!
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Today I begin an experiment into human behavior.  Particularly your human behavior dear reader.  My name is Carlos and I am a creative director, strategist, and designer but most importantly I am a person who loves design(and cats).  This will be a place to explore the intersection of design and everything else out there.  Everything from Space X to the Toto toilet there are numerous examples of innovation and amazing design solutions and I will look to find those and bring them to you in an easy seamless manner.  I have written for various organizations and companies but now I will look to write for myself with one simple mantra.  Predictably, unpredictable.  

I will look to bring great content to this space which strives to fulfill that mantra.  To not only bring design content but bring content which is slightly different and provides a different view that you might have never thought of.  It is my belief that design allows us to see challenges differently and that is an invaluable skill but also a responsibility.  We cannot simply see our job as a “beaufier” or someone who “makes things pretty”.  This is part of our job but we can do so much more for our clients.  We can be a catalyst for innovation and a champion for users.   Providing products, services or experiences which are truly solution centric by design.  I will bring examples of ideas which do just that and the occasional hilarious cat photo as well.   Here we go…

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